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Guangzhou Jinfeng Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.
Proveedor multi-especialidad
Productos principales:Máquina emulsionante homogénea al vacío/mezcladora de homogeneización/máquina de tratamiento de agua por ósmosis inversa/máquina de llenado automática y semiautomática/máquina de Perfume/equipo de secado
Full CustomizationConsolidation Service

Guangzhou Jinfeng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd us a manufacturer

thatproduces cosmetic, pharmaceutical,chemical and dairy product

equipment,we underake equipment design,manufacture,insrallation,

maintenance,technical improvement support,technical consultancy

and other services. the main products are vacuum homogeneous

emulsifying machines,recerse osmosis water treatment machines,

automatic and semi-automatic filing machine and all kinds of stainless

steel tanks,all of which are of reliable quality and good effec.